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We believe healthcare doesn't have to be a pain, expensive, embarrassing, or inconvenient. Members of LuxMD get access to a medical team trained in diagnosing and treating patients with custom treatments for improved sexual confidence.

The healthcare system in the US is broken and needs to be re-imagined with the patient in mind. Our tech and support teams are laser focused on providing access to prescription treatments made in the form, flavor, and dosage that are right for you.

How We Work

Getting started is a very simple process:

Get Started

Begin by finding out if you qualify to receive the troche by answering some basic medical questions

Medical Intake

Complete the medical intake questionnare for the clinician to review.

Select your Plan

Based on your medical intake answers, we will recommend a quantity that will work best for you.

Sign Up

Complete the order process and submit your answers to a clinician licensed in your area.


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